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To participate, you need to have a Sony α camera and able to commit to the full duration of the program

Photography is synonymously associated with Travel, and provides a bounty of opportunities for great photos.  Everybody simply love great holidays, and savour the chance to capture unique scenes and conjure master imagery with their cameras!  

Part of the "Journey to Greatness" workshop series, this carefully-curated session will reveal the secrets of the travelling photographer, and offer invaluable tips that guide professional photographers as they travel around the world.  After a theory session in class, the group will proceed outdoors, where everyone will get to try out the tips and techniques learned in class. 

About α Professional Photographers : Tripeaksimagery
Yeo Wee Han and Charmaine Yap says hello.
"Individually and together, we have created notable timelapse and cinematic films, such as Graphicity, A Beautiful Day, For You I Dance and Wildlife of Singapore. 
Other than being curious filmmakers, we are also adventurous landscape photographers, and an animal/environmental activist. Our work projects includes corporate videos, cinematic event videos and compelling visual films.
If were to ask if we have any style to our works, the answer would simply be, it’s eclectic. We constantly challenge comfortable thinking zones and experiment extensively to pursue fresher perspectives."

About “Journey to Greatness” Series:
This workshop is a part of the “Journey to Greatness” Series. There are 6 workshops in total covering the following genres – Portrait, Wildlife, Food, Sports, Performance and Travel. These workshops were designed with photography enthusiasts in mind, to hone their skills towards becoming greater photographers. 

The curriculum is designed for participants of all skills level using the Sony Alpha System.

Participant must have completed the fundamental Handling Workshop and/or:

  1. Understands basic exposure
  2. Understands how to operate manual mode on their Sony α camera
  3. Bring a Tripod

Select lenses will be available for loan during this workshop


IMPT: The class will ends around Marina Bay area near the Esplanade


Travel photography consist of a wide range of genres, the main few being street, cityscape and landscape. How do we best capture beautiful phenomenons such as the Northern Lights, Milky way, Waterfall, Seascapes, Snowscapes and even Moving Clouds? How we do identify moments on the street? Are there techniques we can use to improve our street photography? These questions will be addressed in the workshop. 

We will also introduce the use of Filters (Neutral Density, Graduated Neutral Density, Polarisers) in this workshop, and provide advice on how to best prepare for your trips and getting the best suited gear for it.

This module is taught by 2 instructors to ensure an intimate instructor-participant ratio.


Location: Esplanade / Marina Bay area

Travel to a location outdoors where you will practice using Filters, experimenting with shutter speed to achieve the effects envisioned. Participants can expect to learn how to achieve long exposure shots, light trails and better composition.