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Workshop Fees
Public: S$60
My Sony Members: S$30
SDW Members: S$30

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To participate, you need to have a Sony α camera and able to commit to the full duration of the program

Sports photography packs a punch of action.  Essential skills are required to capture compelling images, and this workshop aims to provide the perfect settings to master this. Learn about vital features of your camera and invaluable tips to obtain those split-second images that evokes the best of sportsmanship!

About The Instructor: Chong Yew
Chong Yew is a professional photographer with more than 8 years of experience. He has developed an unobstrusive style best for capturing spontaneous and candid moments. From shooting fast cars on road trips to following politicians doing elections, he is no stranger to fast actions and fleeting moments. Most recently, his interest in sports photography has brought him to the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia with the Singapore National Olympic Council.

What to Expect?
Experience what it feels like to be a sports photographer for the day. During this 1-day workshop, the instructor will be sharing the techniques to anticipate and capture fast actions. You will also learn about the tight workflow that photographers experience in this action-packed world of sports photography!

What Is Exclusive?

Participants will have exclusive access to be on the field during this professional S.League match. This is a special arrangement made with Home United Football Club.

The curriculum is designed for participants of all skills level using the Sony Alpha System.

However, participants must have a strong understanding of:

  1. The basics of camera exposure
  2. How to operate manual mode on their Sony Alpha Camera

What to bring?
- Sony Alpha Camera
- Fully charged battery, with spare if possible
- SD Card(s) with sufficient memory available
- Tripod or monopod will be helpful, but not necessary

Complimentary Loans
Telephoto lenses (Including SEL100400GM & SEL70200GM) will be available for complimentary loan during the workshop, however these lenses are limited and subjected to availability. Equipment will be loaned out based on the sequence of arrival during the workshop.

Module 1 - Theory

- Recommended settings for sports photography
- Sports photographer's workflow
- Techniques to anticipate and capture fast action
- How to take full advantage of your Sony Alpha Camera

Module 2 - Practical

- Photograph a real-life soccer match
- Practice what was taught in the theory session
- Real-time guidance will be provided by instructor

Module 3 - Feedback (Online)

- Personalised feedbacks by instructor

"Journey to Greatness" Series
This workshop is part of the "Journey to Greatness" workshop series. There are 6 workshops in total covering the following genres – Portrait, Wildlife, Food, Sports, Performance and Travel. These workshops were designed exclusively with Alpha photographers in mind, to hone their skills towards becoming greater photographers.