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  • Segmented video tutorials designed for beginners
  • Over 30 tutorials available
  • Learn at your own pace and comfort

Learn about your camera & lenses

  • Covering topics about camera parts and functions
  • Understand photography fundamentals
  • Find out more about lenses

Topics covered:

Unit 1: Getting Started with E-learning
            How to use this E-Learning Resource
            Using your online camera guide

Unit 2: Camera Parts & Functions
            First Things First
            Changing Lenses
            Basic Camera Operation
            Mode Dial Function
            Navigating menu items
            The Function Menu
            Camera Customisation

Unit 3: Picture Taking & Focusing
            Preparation for Upcoming Units
            Taking a Photo & Basic Operation
            Image Playback & Review
            File Format & Photo Quality
            Drive Mode
            Focusing Overview
            Focus Mode: Autofocus
            Focus Mode: Manual Focus
            Matching Focus Mode with Focus Area
            Touch Operations
            Eye AF

Unit 4: Photo Fundamentals
            Understanding Exposure
            Controlling Exposure Shooting Modes
            Exposure Stop & ISO
            Shutter Speed
            Depth of Field
            White Balance

Unit 5: Lens Basics
            Lens Parts & Functions
            Crop Factor
            Focal Length & Perspective Distortion
            Types of Lenses