Your new website looks cool but what is new here?
1. For a start, we have revamped the look and feel of the website to give our viewer a refreshed and user-friendly experience, even on a mobile device.

We have also added a Happenings page where you can find out what’s new at SDW, as well as a Photo Gallery for those looking for inspiration. You can also view Behind the Scene photos of our workshops and download monthly articles by our SDW trainers.
What are the workshops available for mobile phones or mirrorless cameras?
2. SDW conducts a variety of workshops from digital imaging to mobile device handling. They range from basic to advanced techniques with some catering to specific models or features. We also offer a wide range of specialized workshops catering to users of all skill levels, such as Travel Photography and Photography Mentorship Programme.
What other workshops are available at SDW?
3. For more information, please refer to the Workshop Page Listing for a complete list of workshops.
How do I get notified for new schedules?
4. Please login using the MySony ID created during product registration. Go to the respective workshop page and select the “Notify Me” option at the left-hand side. You will be added to the notification list.
How do I get notifications and receive special invites regarding upcoming workshops
5. Login using either your MySony or SDW login, go to “My Account” and ensure the SDW Subscription checkbox is ticked.
How do I know which workshop I’m entitled to attend for free?
1. Products that come with Complimentary Workshops are
▪ Cybershot
▪ Cybershot RX
▪ Alpha 5xxx / 6xxx series
▪ Alpha A7 series
▪ Xperia Mobile Phones

You can also see what complimentary workshops you are entitled to when you login to the SDW website using your MySony ID (created when you register the warranty of your products). Just click on your login ID at the top right-hand and select “My Complimentary Workshops”.
How do I check for availability dates on workshops?
2. Go to the respective workshop page and view the available schedule under Workshop Information. Please take note that certain workshops are in higher demand therefore seats will be limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

If the workshop is full, you may click “Notify Me” to keep updated on the next available schedule.
I’ve registered for a workshop but I’m not able to attend due to some reasons. Can I reschedule to another date?
3. Yes you can. However some workshops have a limited run and rescheduling is mainly for complimentary workshops. Do take note participation in all complimentary workshops have to be registered four months after product registration.

Under My Workshops, select “Registered Workshops” and select “Reschedule”. If no dates are available, select “Notify Me” to keep updated on the next available schedule.
I have purchased a RX digital camera; can I attend the Fundamental Cybershot Workshop? Will it be beneficial to me?
4. It is not advisable as the Fundamental Cybershot Workshop does not cover the advanced functions in your RX camera. Your complimentary workshop does not cover products outside of the Cybershot RX.
Where can I register for the workshop held at SDW?
5. For complimentary workshops, please sign in using your MySony login and select the corresponding workshop based on your purchase. Registration is successful only when you have received the confirmation email. Please note not all Sony products are eligible for complimentary workshop. If you face any difficulties, please refer to the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the website.
If I don’t have an email address or a printer, can I still register for the workshop?
6. To take advantage of our workshops, you will be required to provide a valid email address during workshop registration in order to receive the registration confirmation email. However, printing of confirmation email is not compulsory. If you need assistance, please refer to the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the website.
Can I register for your workshops if I do not own a Sony product?
7. Yes, we welcome anyone to sign up for our workshop regardless of product ownership. Do note that complimentary workshop is offered for free to Sony customers who purchased the corresponding products. Other users are required to make payment during the checkout process unless a valid promo code is used.
Why I’m not able to view my Complimentary workshops even though I’m entitled to one?
8. Please try again 24 hours after product registration for the system to reflect the update. If you are still unable to view your complimentary workshops and need assistance, please refer to the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the website.
What is Bring-a-Friend?
1. Bring-a-Friend is an initiative that allows the participant to bring along a friend to attend the workshop. This initiative is applicable for selected workshops only.
How do I register my friend for the workshop?
2. PAID WORKHOP PROCEDURE: Once you have selected the workshop and check out, you will be brought to the Cart Confirmation page. If Bring-a-Friend is available, you will see the option “ADD A FRIEND”. Provide your friend’s name and email address, click “ADD FRIEND” and you should see “FRIEND ADDED” indicated in the link.

3. COMPLIMENTARY WORKSHOP PROCEDURE: Once you have login as MySony member, go to “My Complimentary Workshop” link under your user name. Select the desired workshop schedule and click on “ADD FRIEND”. Provide your friend’s name and email address, click “ADD FRIEND” and you should see “FRIEND ADDED” indicated in the link.
Why there’s no option to “ADD A FRIEND” for some workshop?
4. Bring-a-Friend is only applicable for selected workshops depending on workshop design & complexity. Bring-a-Friend availability is also subject to workshop status and available slots
Can I bring more than 1 friend to the workshop?
5. Due to limited seating, only 1 friend is allowed to accompany the main registrant.
Does my friend need to own a Sony product in order to attend the workshop with me?
6. No prior ownership of Sony product is required for the friend. However, do note that SDW does not provide equipment to workshop attendees.
What can I download here?
1. You can download articles compiled and curated by our SDW trainers to further your understanding in photography. Anyone can download but limited to 1 article. If you would like to receive monthly articles, kindly register and subscribe as a SDW member.
How big is the download?
2. Each article size ranges from 10MB to 200MB, depending on content. Since the articles are image heavy, we suggest using Wi-Fi to download them.
Can I contribute to the articles?
3. Please kindly contact us for collaboration. Please note such requests are on a case by case nature to maintain the quality of the articles.
Who took those photos in the Gallery?
1. Images found in the Gallery are contributed by our SDW trainers for the purpose of sharing quality and interesting shots. We may also feature photos from on-going contests with permission from the photographers.
I like some of the photos and would like to download them for personal use. How do I proceed?
2. Photos shown the Gallery are strictly for viewing only and any form of downloading or reproduction without prior written approval from the content owner is strictly prohibited. We will not entertain any request to download or print the photos in the Gallery.
I found out that someone is using my photos and posting in your Gallery. How can I request the photos to be removed?
3. Please kindly contact us with the necessary evidence and we will investigate the matter. Any images found to be contravening the Terms and Conditions will be removed and the photographer banned from future submission.
I’m a professional photographer. How can I contribute to your Gallery?
4. Please kindly contact us for collaboration. Please note such requests are on a case by case nature to maintain the quality of the Gallery.
Do I need to pay for the workshop if I’m entitled to attend for free?
1. Complimentary workshops can be attended for free provided you have purchased a corresponding product listed here:
▪ Cybershot
▪ Cybershot RX
▪ Alpha 5xxx / 6xxx series
▪ Alpha A7 series
▪ Xperia Mobile Phones

If you would like to attend the workshop again or if the workshop you want to attend falls outside your complimentary allowance, you have to make full payment as indicated on the Workshop Information page.
What are the payment modes accepted by your website?
2. Workshop payment accepted are VISA/ MasterCard and Cheque payment. For cheque payment, please kindly ensure SGD currency and provide at least 1 week clearing time. Once cleared, we will email you a confirmation email.

If you encounter any issues with the payment gateway, please ensure that you have cleared your browser cache and your internet connection is stable.

Alternatively, please write in to us. We usually reply within 3 working days.
How do I get the promo code for the workshop?
3. Promo codes are usually given out to selected participants for selected workshops via letter or email. We do not release these promo codes on a regular basis nor are they available for sharing as each promo code is unique and controlled.
I cannot decide whether to proceed with the workshop selected in the cart. Can you help?
4. Yes please proceed to register for the workshop as they are good for you. Just like fruits and vegetables. Just take note all items in the cart will be cleared every 60 mins.
My payment for the workshop did not go through but I’ve received notification from my Bank indicating a monetary deduction made. What is your advice?
5. Please check your email account for the confirmation email. If you have not received any, kindly contact us and we will assist you.
Why are some of your workshops are so expensive?
6. The cost of the workshop depends on various factors, such as trainer’s fee, location of the venue and duration of the workshop. Some of the trainers engaged are highly sought after and the workshop quality is also higher. Nonetheless we strive to make workshops for all levels and affordable to all users.