A7RII and GM Lens Experience

Gerbie Pabilonia, runner-up at the 2015 SWPA in the Portrait Category, conceptualised the photography set and facilitated a total of four sessions. As part of the preparations, models for the workshop were carefully selected and briefed about the shoot concept.


Each participant received a trial kit consisting of the A7RII, and the 85mm and 24-70GM lens. Using a Sony 4K TV, the captured pictures were projected directly from the A7RII onto screen. Gerbie Pabilonia also gave fans a brief demonstration on quick composite editing.



The session kicked off with a briefing on the programme for the next two hours. Sony trainers were on hand to guide participants on how to correctly use advanced camera features, such the A7RII Eye-AF, which ensures continuous focus on a subject’s eyes. 


During the hands-on session, participants experienced what it was like to shoot using continuous light in a studio setting. They also had the chance to direct models and received guidance on how pick out the right angles to shoot from. 



Photos captured by Gerbie Pabilonia. Image on the left was shot with the A7RII and 85mm G-Master without post-processing. Image on the right was shot with A7RII and the 2470mm G-master, with composite post-processing by Gerbie Pabilonia himself.

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