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Want to learn to shoot the best videos of your life? 

Want to go beyond leaving your camera on auto and program modes when filming? 

Learn the fundamentals of video with visual creative Claudio Chock as he takes you through an overview of technicalities such as frame rate, shutter angle and white balance control. An in-depth overview of using amazing features such as ClearImage Zoom and Picture Profile will be shared too. 

Participants will learn about the basics of stationary video set-up and shooting handheld, as well as the importance of lighting and audio when shooting videos. Claudio will also touch on how to express edit on mobile with Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile + Movie Edit Add-on apps and other third-party apps like Adobe Premier Rush and LumaFusion.

Participant must have completed the fundamental Handling Workshop for their camera model OR understand basic exposure and knows how to change their camera settings.

Only the following interchangeable lens camera models are supported by this program:

ILCE-6100, ILCE-6400, ILCE-6600







Trainer Introduction

  • Sharing of professional and personal background
  • Show-reel and overview of experience and portfolio

Basic of Videography

  1. Basic technicalities of video
    - The importance of framerate, bitrate, shutter angle and white balance
    - Different type of shot sizes for framing and composition
  2. Quick overview of Sony Alpha cameras and RX models video features and settings for different shooting purposes
    - Using HFR and/or S&Q mode on RX and Alpha cameras
    - Using ClearImage Zoom
    - Setting up custom recall / memory for video purposes
  3. The pros (and cons) of shooting in 4K

Basic Videography Set-ups

  • Overview of essential videography equipment
  • The importance of tripods, lighting and audio
  • Shooting hand-held (without a stabilizer) 

Mobile Editing Workflow​

  • Overview of editing on iOS and Android
  • Using Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile and Movie Edit Add-on apps
  • Editing video on smartphones vs tablets
  • Mobile edit software of choice: