Master Your Winter Photography

Lake Baikal is an ancient massive lake located in Siberia north of Mongolia. It is 640km long and 79km at its widest point and with a maximum depth of 1,632m. It is the largest freshwater lake holds 20% of the world’s freshwater. As it was formed 25 million years ago, it is the world’s oldest freshwater lake.

In winter, Lake Baikal is transformed into a vast frozen landscape with solid ice layer that can be nearly 3m thick. It is this icy and cold landscape that attracts visitors and photographers to this unique place...

Still Life Photography

The term still life is derived from the Dutch 'Stilleven', defining still life as a picture consisting predominantly of inanimate objects. These objects include natural objects: food, flowers, plants, feathers, rocks, and stone etc. They also include man-made objects; books, vases, glassware, jars, jewelry, coins, currency, tools, candy, toys etc. The French give the still life tradition a term "nature morte", it means dead nature.

As early as 17th century, photographers found inspiration in the still life paintings and try to get photography accepted as a serious art form. As photography developed into the twentieth century, many photographers began to engage with still life images...