Wedding Photography From An Alternate Perspective

"In my career of photographing people, I have made mistakes. Though rare, I missed important moments, so to speak. Such as the first kiss, the couple marching down the aisle, ring exchanges, etc. All these in an attempt to capture other unique moments that were happening at the same time. I am grateful that my clients appreciate the way I prioritise things and the layered moments that I capture for them." - By Kai Tan

Documenting My Arduous Walk Across Singapore

The 36km coast to coast (C2C) trail – spanning the West to the East side of Singapore, is made up of various park connectors linked across our island. It’s the ultimate physical endurance challenge for Singaporeans to embark on through our green spaces. I decided to take this on without prior training and document this journey here.

The World's Biggest Classroom

It's been a rough couple of years. We’ve all been cooped up (mostly) at home and trying to keep away from the crowds. Some are enjoying the time alone; some are going positively batty. As a professional photographer, you’d think that I’d be happy to put the cameras down after my assignments and enjoy time away from the back of a viewfinder. I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cityscapes from an Extreme-Telephoto Perspective

This surreal period of suspended travels has left many of us photographers exploring new forms of photography. From landscapes to still life, almost everyone has tried to expand their repertoire of photography skills.

In this article, TripeaksImagery hope to share how they use ultra-telephoto lenses for their landscape work and their main subjects will be the sun and the moon. 

Searching for Beauty in the Ordinary

Time only moves forward. We gain or lose something every day. It’s a fact of life

Have we slowed down to search for the beauty in the ordinary? 

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One Reality, Multiple Perspectives

Lenses, lenses and more lenses! Why do you need more than one? Why can’t you use one lens for everything? Theoretically you could, but then, why would a painter paint with several brushes and a chef uses more than one knife?

The short answer is simple- lenses are like brushes to a painter and knives to a chef, it allows you to craft your photos the way you envision it.

Mastering Close-up and Macro Flora Photography with Sony

SEL90M28G or SEL100F28GM?

A purpose-built macro lens may automatically come to mind when dealing with floral photography. But in the case of Sony’s Alpha lenses, particularly the SEL90M28G, the mid-range telephoto lens allows you to get really close and take 1:1 magnification images. The lens’ macro capability grants not only magnified shots of the flower’s specific parts, but also its blossoming form.

Animal Photography at the Zoo with Sony’s Alpha Cameras

Without a doubt, wildlife photography is one of the most difficult genres to master.  At some point, you may come across photographers who share about the "ones that got away."  This constant, elusive pursuit of landing the next great shot is what makes wildlife photography so challenging, yet rewarding. 

In most instances, photo opportunities of wildlife are gone in a flash. Hence, there is little room for error, especially for shots of animals displaying a desired behaviour or action. 

Visiting the Elusive Orang Seletar

It was by pure accident that I chanced upon the Orang Seletar community while vacationing in Johor Bahru. Since then, I have returned several times and even formed a bond with the local “Head of Fishermen’s Association”, a Chinese who married an Orang Seletar woman. Through him, I learned more about the history and life of Orang Seletar.

With the help of Sony, my discovery turned into a documentation of the community’s way of life in the modern day.


What It Means to Be a Sony Hybrid Shooter

I returned to the craft of visual storytelling as an advertising-cum-public relations creative by trade and a video trainer with Sony Digital Workshop after a four-year hiatus. It is my desire to steer the creative process of visual feats that prompted this return.

As the lead content producer for arts and culture guide The A List, hybrid shooting is part and parcel of my workflow. Capturing both still imagery and videos of the local arts and culture scene such as the Singapore Night Festival and Singapore Bicentennial Experience has allowed me to create engaging visual content that immerses visitors in art.

Many often ask how I simultaneously manage both photography and videography within a tight time frame. To give a bit of context, media previews for large-scale events are usually conducted for up to three hours. The previews kick off with a guided tour that usually lasts an hour, after which the remaining time is utilized for your shooting.

Photographing Man's Best Friend with Sony

Gone are the days when dogs are simply gate-watchers. In today’s world, they are often a part of the family with birthdays and other milestones celebrated in their honour. This naturally led to a surge in dog speciality social media accounts, with some boasting a larger following than our own personal accounts.

Photography and dogs have been my passion even before the digitised age. It was certainly not a fad that I stumbled upon or followed mindlessly just because others were doing the same.

Possessing an intrinsic eye for details has helped me in canine photography, allowing me to see the form, substance and beauty in every dog I photograph. However, it is easier said than done. Getting dogs to strike a pose for the camera is immensely challenging. Unless you are a “dog-whisperer”, it is difficult to understand what a dog is thinking.

Documenting Childhood with Sony

“Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be this hard” – ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay.

Lately, the above refrain has been popping up in my head as I wrangle my children through a daily battle of wills.

A movie of our lives now would not be filled with cool yet sun-drenched scenes of us laughing carefree in the park, or perfectly arranged on a coach doing nothing but soaking up each other’s company. Instead, a peek into our daily lives is getting through mealtimes with as little mess as possible, playing board games until a losing child has a meltdown, and reading books while I try to steal cuddles. Furthermore, my husband and I are constantly trying not to lose our heads as our children one-up each other in the parental annoyance stakes. 

Master Your Winter Photography

Lake Baikal is an ancient massive lake located in Siberia north of Mongolia. It is 640km long and 79km at its widest point and with a maximum depth of 1,632m. It is the largest freshwater lake holds 20% of the world’s freshwater. As it was formed 25 million years ago, it is the world’s oldest freshwater lake.

In winter, Lake Baikal is transformed into a vast frozen landscape with solid ice layer that can be nearly 3m thick. It is this icy and cold landscape that attracts visitors and photographers to this unique place...

Still Life Photography

The term still life is derived from the Dutch 'Stilleven', defining still life as a picture consisting predominantly of inanimate objects. These objects include natural objects: food, flowers, plants, feathers, rocks, and stone etc. They also include man-made objects; books, vases, glassware, jars, jewelry, coins, currency, tools, candy, toys etc. The French give the still life tradition a term "nature morte", it means dead nature.

As early as 17th century, photographers found inspiration in the still life paintings and try to get photography accepted as a serious art form. As photography developed into the twentieth century, many photographers began to engage with still life images...